10 Great Motivational Quotes & A short lesson in success


10 Great Motivational Quotes & A short lesson in success.

Today I wanted to do something different. So, I decided to combine three mediums, the printed word, quotes, and pictures to create a short lesson on the principles of success.  If you like them, feel free to download them. They are designed to be twitter friendly. Let me know what you think. Enjoy my short visual success lesson using quotes that I really like.

11.16.2019 (3)
Take action towards your dreams and values – success will follow.



11.16.2019 (4)
You have to take risks to move out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.





11.16.2019 (7)
Daily action is the key to success.



11.16.2019 (8)
If what you’re doing isn’t working try something new.



11.16.2019 (9)
If you cannot control yourself you cannot succeed.



11.16.2019 (10)
Courage is the ability to feel fear and take action regardless.



11.16.2019 (11)
Don’t let fear hold you back.



11.16.2019 (12).png
Cultivate gratitude and celebrate your accomplishments.



11.16.2019 (13)
A person of value is a success.



11.16.2019 (14)
Let go of your worries as you follow your path.


Written by djsamaha

I'm a self-empowerment expert helping to transform your life and business one step at a time.

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