Get Back Up!

Get Back Up When You Get Knocked Down!

We all have dreams, don’t we? What are your dreams? Sometimes it’s hard to remember what they are. People tell us, “No, you’ll never be able to do that, do this instead.”, or, “What do you know about that?” There are a million messages that we get from society, well-meaning family, friends and others throughout our lives, starting when we are young, that we often internalize. Sometimes we don’t even realize that these messages are bouncing around in our brains as words that sound like our own voice, and so we accept them as if they are true. I know this has happened to me, has it happened to you?

Not only do we have words bouncing around all the time, but life throws us curve balls. Sometimes they hit us right in the face. A curveball right in the face at 100 mph hurts a lot, doesn’t it? I know I’ve had my share of getting hit in the face, sometimes my own fault and sometimes just unfortunate circumstances.  Sometimes in martial arts practice, I just wasn’t quick enough and BAM! Punch to the face. Never fun, though you do learn to move through it, to keep fighting. It’s a valuable life lesson. Get hit, fall down and get back up and keep fighting, it’s the only way to win. So, a simple six-step formula for success:

  1. Have a goal you care about
  2. Have a good strategy
  3. Work both smart and hard on your goal
  4. When you get knocked down get back up
  5. Treat failure as feedback and error correction
  6. Keep fighting till you win!

For those who don’t like the fighting analogy think about how this concept can be applied using the metaphor/analogy of a dancer, a weaver, or something relatable to your life.

What metaphor/analogy or story makes this concept relatable to your life? How can you take action as the person who gets up even if you’re knocked down?



Written by djsamaha

I'm a self-empowerment expert helping to transform your life and business one step at a time.

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